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Yuneec E-Go 2
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A solid board, but a little dated...

The EGO-2 is a great electric skateboard, and since it has a top speed of around 20 km/h it is actually street legal in many EU countries. The deck is nice and has a kicktail. The single belt-motor makes the board feel a little underpowered, but it offers enough oomph to take you from A to B. Range is excellent at 22-25 km which is further than most premium electric skateboards will take you.

The downside to this board is the rather lackluster performance (acceleration and top speed), as well as the single drive which makes acceleration feel unbalanced (the board kicks to the left slightly). The original price is also a bit expensive, but if you can find it for around $300-400 it is a pretty solid board, especially for beginners or younger riders.

Yuneec E-Go 2
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