WowGo WowGo 2s (Samsung Bat)

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WowGo WowGo 2s (Samsung Bat)
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Terrific Price-to-Performance Value

Have ridden this WowGo 2s nearly daily for 53 weeks. Probably have 3-3,500 miles on it at this time. On level ground with nicely paved asphalt and enough runway, GPS reports a top speed of 30.6 and 31.6 mph. Board has been replace with a Magneto Cruiser deck for better flex. Well worth it. Has allowed me to maintain full-throttle for longer times, as the flex takes up road imperfections. Started with the entry level 4.4 amp battery.
Added another three 4.4 amp battery packs for a total of 17.2 amps to allow longer range and top speed on San Francisco group rides. I'm brand agnostic, so if I were to start all over today, I'd get the newly introduced Meepo V3 for another US$50 more. But there's nothing wrong with the WowGo 2s. It's still a very good eboard for the price.

WowGo WowGo 2s (Samsung Bat)
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