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WOWGO 3 first impressions

My 2 cents on the board:
Im about 100kg (a normal BMI), i own a backfire 2 and have had an koowheel. i have skated following eboards: "backfire 2" "Meepo 2 plus" "ownboard w1s" "koowheel d3m" "SpiderBoard "and now the wowgo 3.

Remote lays well in the hand, LCD screen is a tat small, the build quality disappointing, the plastic they use for the shell is bad quality they tried to give some "premium" grip by make it kinda frosted surface, eitherway its nice it have a display... without having tested the speed by GPS the speed it shows on the display feels off, like it said i was going 35Km/h but it felt slower.

On the speed modes:
Mode 1: feels okay, about 12km/h according to remote acceleration is okay, what can i say, its the slowest speed mode
Mode 2: same acceleration as mode 1 but a little faster top speed, about 20km/h according to remote,
Mode 3: this is a good mode (and the best IMHO) it have a fast acceleration and good topspeed,

The deck actually feels premium, it have more flex than my Backfire 2 and its wider that it too, good for big feets.

so the board feels good under my feets, it bounces nicely over cracks, defenitly feels like a more "premium" (u know, under the 500$ price point) but the remote could use a more premium shell, the board is HEAVY, about the most heavy eboard i have ever helt (nut who is gonna carry there eboard around anyway) the brakes is the same on every speedmode (including turbomode) IMO, oh and it comes with 2 extra hub sleeves.

The wowgo 3 is a decent board that have satisfying acceleration, torque, topspeed, and overall build quality, the deck feels really premium compared to its pricepoint, if you can live with its heavy weight i would say its worth the consideration.

WoWgo 3
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