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Teamgee Teamgee H6
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Great board.

Great solid board, carves well decent range with great motors and a great remote with lots of features.

Ideal board for the one that's looking for a beginner board with great power at a great price ready to ship now.

great board

this board is great!

The H6 is pure joy: carvy, stealthy and fun

The H6 is a great electric skateboard, although for most people the "big brother", the H9, would be an easy pick over the H6 due to the increase in performance and the wider deck.

The H6 is a stealthy electric skateboard as it is hard to tell at first glance that it is actually powered. It is very sleek, light and has decent performance and range. The thane on the wheels is replacable, which is great. It rides excellent straight out of the box too!

The downside is the rather narrow deck, and the somewhat lackluster performance compared to other boards.

Teamgee Teamgee H6
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