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    Dear sir/madam,

    Good day! This Henry from Raldey Electric Skateboards.

    We Raldey is one of main electric stateboards manufacturers and exporters here in China.

    We found that you are a very authoritative dealer for electric stakeboards, so we hope that we can set up long-term business cooperation with you.

    You can first check with our website: http://www.raldey.com

    You can find every specific information about our boards, and we also have few evaluation videos on YouTube.(Pls search Raldey)

    We have our own technical department, all the parts from our boards are designed by us own, so we master the core technology and we never use the public mold. You cannot find the same boards from the whole market. We are unique.

    I hope we can get your kind feedback and start our cooperation immediately.

    Appreciate your help. If you have any requests, pls don’t hesitate to contact me at your any time.



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