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One of the best

I've owned a lot of electric skateboards and all I can say is WOW. Love this one.

Wowgo All Terrain Electric SKateboard AT1: Challenge The Harsh Winter!

Shenzhen, China - November 2, 2018-Electric skateboard is everywhere now, this kind of product will redefine your commute. Wowgo 2S from Wowgo board company has won the praise of a large number of users in 2017-2018. Wowgo recently released an all terrain electric skateboard on the first day of November.

WOWGO was founded in August 2017 by two young entreprenuers, Jason and Aiden. They were inspired by a young man riding on his electric skateboard. The young man’s face was full of joy and passion and youthfulness. In that moment, they realised that life was more than just working and getting through the day. They wanted to ignite joy and passion and youthfulness in other peoples lives, just like the young man ignited theirs. That’s how they grew a passion for electric skateboards and decided to change their lives.

It took almost half a year to design and test the all terrain electric skateboard, and now it came out. Jason, CEO of Wowgo Board company, said” Wowgo team members spent half a year to design and test the board, we need to make sure the structurs is stable, the quality is reliable, I’m glad that it finally came out. I’m confident that it’s the best and the most stable all terrain e board in the market. Hope WOWGO board users can have a lot of fun with the new board.”

Trucks control your board rides in terms of stability and response. The truck from Wowgo is FIRSTLY designed to be the most stable all terrain board truck in the world even at high speed (24mph). Featuring Wowgo’s revolutionary double pivot structure with premium cone and barrel combo bushings, 6.5 wheels can handle a multiple of road conditions, that promises you to cruise from jagged stone tiles to dirt trails in the woods.

The remote and board are a perfect couple. The remote has a very bare-bones user interface that walks you through the battery life of the board and remote, your current speed, and the riding modes. Wowgo AT board remote has only one multifunction button that is used for changing rider modes and direction. Type-C charging port is more convenient to charge as well. The remote can be also used on Wowgo 2S model, it can display all information beyond riding range.

Sanyo 14Ah battery provides a range that reaches to 18-22 miles (30-36km). Like other Wowgo board, it has regenerative braking system too -- which keeps the battery charged when brake. You can slide that thumb forward and lean into it, control with comfort and ease, pumping a wild adrenaline rush with each gliding forward movement.

Wowgo AT board normally retails for $899.99, but you can pre order on $809 thanks to Jason and Aiden. You can purchase the Wowgo AT board from the link below:

My third Meepo Board

Once upon a time getting a board at this price-point meant sacrificing a lot, be that having to accept a crappy deck, non-replaceable urethanes, a sub-par remote, laughable top speed, pitiful range or ride-crippling battery sag once you hit the 50% mark. With all of the improvements made from the original Meepo right through to the V2 Plus, now you’re not sacrificing much of anything at all! A deck swap might still be on the cards for some, but this hasn’t been “essential” since the 1.5. The new generation of Meepo boards arrive on your doorstep as complete and polished products right out of the box!

With that in mind, I find a board this feature-packed and spec-rich at such a low price-point hard to fault. Yes, there are still some grey areas regarding overall durability, reliability and longevity worth pointing out, but it all has to be taken into account in light of the budget price tag. If the durability, reliability and longevity question marks were to be put to rest with Boosted-level solutions, then you’d forgive Meepo for starting to charge something close Boosted-level prices. The price is lower here for a reason…

My Meepo V2 Plus (Sanyo) performed to my expectations with regards to top speed, range (there or thereabouts) and hill climbing. The Sanyo battery isn't, however, "sag-less" and the new generation ESC removes a lot of performance from the first three speed modes and saves all of it almost exclusively for the forth (Pro) speed mode.

Is the Sanyo 8.1Ah battery worth the cost? Well, it's only an extra $180 USD to upgrade to the Sanyo battery at the point of purchase. $180 USD for 4 more miles/6 more km (which will increase the lighter you are and the less aggressively you ride) and a much, much longer shelf-life! In my opinion the extra $180 USD is worth it for the shelf-life alone; up to 3000 cycles compared to the Samsung's 300 cycles, plus you get a bit of extra range as a bonus. The cost of $255 USD as a separate purchase is a little harder to justify. If you're going to do it, do it straight-up.

Meepo continues to offer solid, entry-level esk8 options with the V2/V2 Plus generation of boards, particularly with how cruisy the first three speed modes are now. It's also a solid board for someone looking for a Boosted alternative (Pro mode is for you) without the price tag, but is willing to trade proprietary parts for generic ones, belts for hubs and a difference in durability, reliability and longevity in-keeping with the difference in price.

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Meepo Meepo V2P Sanyo
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