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Meepo - Level Up

Don’t expect miracles. It’s still a battery/battery pack and all batteries sag, but yes, this is definitely a step up from the 1.0!


An issue that seems to inherent in the type of ESC used by Meepo: Very occasionally one of the motors will reset in a fraction of a second as a result of hitting something in such a way that it must disturb the motor sensor. This could be something small or large, hard or soft, whilst going fast or slow. I’ve found it to be fairly indiscriminate. All-in-all this is an extremely rare occurrence and as long as your stance is good you’ll barely notice, but it is something that could catch inexperienced riders off-guard.


If there ever was a time to buy a Meepo, if you were sitting on the fence about it before, now is the time! The Meepo website has been optimized for multiple currencies and shipping is now included in the price. All of the hard work has been done for you now! The charger even comes with your regions specific power plug now. No more travel adapters!

The Meepo Board 1.5 is now priced at $419 USD (that’s about $547 AUD for my fellow Aussies) to-your-door! No additional expenses. No need for a deck swap anymore either (unless you really want to).

With the new Samsung 20R battery pack that’s gone into the 1.5, you’ll get all of the nice little performance gains I’ve mentioned throughout this article. Even more so if you upgrade further to the Sanyo 20700B pack!

Spend $20 on some better bushings and the Meepo is priced to suit a lot people. It’s a perfect local area errand runner, campus commuter or second board for seasoned esk8ers who have a more heavy-duty board for the tough mudder, but want a good backup board and/or travel companion. Beginners looking for an inexpensive entry point need look no further!

People say it all the time, but it’s true: For the price, what you get from a Meepo 1.5 is simply amazing! It has all of the performance of boards that cost three times as much. Of course it’s worth it!

​But remember, take care of your Meepo. Look after your Meepo and it will look after you.

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Excellent Budget E-skateboard

I would rate the Meepo 1.5 pretty high. A big part of that due to the fact that it is rather cheap. It certainly lacks features, but it is a solid performer; both reliable and with decent speed and range. The upgraded deck and internals make it a great value and a perfect board for newcomers. It is also pretty modular (as is the case with most of these cheaper Chinese boards). As such it is a great way to get into the DIY-scene too!

Meepo Meepo v1.5
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