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Maxfind MAX4 Standard
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This is an amazing board! You guys keep perfecting the eboard world. Thank you for creating such a skateboard that crushes all other competitions

Mario Climent
Maxifnd Max4 review

The maxfind electric longboard (max4 series) is one of the most incredible electric vehicles if you want to move to a close places or make short distances, I bought it online at the brand site just only for $529 bucks and they sent it to my home. The skateboard is made with excellent materials which makes it look good quality from the first sight and makes it very flexible nevertheless I think one of the most positive features is the battery, this one can provide an 20km range additionally you can buy an extra battery pack to increase the distance and the time use. Another important feature is that it is very easy to take anywhere since it is very light and you can take it even in the subway or bus. On the other hand, I think they can improve the engine with a little more power to increase the efficiency in the climbs and not be so slow because its speed reduces notably. But in general, I can highly recommend it if your someone who want to save time over short distances, money on gas and who don't like to travel by bus on the way to work, school or some other place.

Unbelievable board

Unbelievable board. Still worried about the long term with this board/company, but so far it's been a perfect board. Rides so smooth, perfect speeds, breaks, reverse! Wireless remote is fantastic. It will very very randomly continue a command longer than you told it to. Fantastically made. Strong wood, metal enclosures and well engineered to be maintained and worked on in the future. It is literally exactly what I wanted out of an electric board. Even got 35-45 solid minutes of straight full speed riding with my dog and the board still wasn't dead.This board is worth way more. Let's just hope it's durability is solid and it'll last me awhile.

Maxfind MAX4 Standard
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