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william smith
Great Board!

I bought this for a birthday present for my Nephew to commute to and from his class in college as he is living 2 miles from the school and he walks because of the parking issues. I couldn't resist trying it out after doing so much research on motorized long-boards. Now I'm 51 and haven't ridden a skateboard in probably more then 35 years ago, so naturally I was thinking I'm going to get hurt before it's over.
The board acted and handled flawlessly. after about 15 times around the circle on my street and up and around my driveway I was gone down the road and onto a 45 min ride through the neighborhood. My nieces, sister and brother in law all rode this board and everyone was very comfortable on it. With the 3 speeds it's perfect for any one.
On high gear nearly topped out it got a little squirrelly at first but I think it's more the operator and lack of experience. It is fast! had a motorcycle next to me and verified 26MPH.
Great board so far!

Brandon K
Nice baord

I feel like the only real negative is for the money, the remote control could be digital and the skatebolt should come with some basic instructions like how to use the buttons and features on the remote. Otherwise, i hadn't rode anything in over a decade, the amount of tourque caught me offgaurd at first but i adjusted and was really impressed how fast this is, it did 26 mph without a prob, climbed steep hills quickly and i had rode 10 miles when i got home and only depleted half the battery. so excited to ride some more after work. GREAT PRODUCT

Several rides later, still riding fantastic and fast.

Maxfind MAX4 PRO Standard
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