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Maxfind MAX2 Pro Dual
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Awesome budget board

Very impressed. Great remote, goes up hills no problem, good top speed and brakes. Quality of the board is excellent. I spent a while researching electric skateboards and finally went with the Wowgo2s. I'm super happy with it so far!

Daniel Ordonez
Best Board for a Begginer

Before I bought the Maxfind Max2 PRO, I had never had a skateboard. I had never even skated before. This board is amazing for a beginner and I'm sure that more experienced riders will also find the board to be extremely fun.

Shipping and handling were swift and the board took roughly about a week to get to me. Bear in mind that I am on the United States East Coast. Shipping to other countries may vary.

The deck has a lot of flex and carves well. The motors give the right amount of power in any given mode and the trucks feel solid. The range for the 4400ah battery is pretty good for its price. I'm on the heavier side (~80kg) and have consistently gotten 10+miles of range.

I mainly use the board to go around the city and have had no issue with the board vibrating too much or anything of that matter. This board is ideal for commuting around town and going on small trips. I'm assuming that if you go for a larger battery the board would also make for a wonderful cruiser.

Overall, for a starting price of $549 the WowGo 2S is an incredible skateboard and definitely worth the buy.


I'm 55 years old, and I love this thing. Super powerful, goes an easy 12 miles or more, fairly smooth. I just need more practice. Great bang for your buck! I highly recommend this board.
Plus, I recieved within 4 days!
Very satisfied!

Beast Board

Very easy to use, even for a beginner such as me. Once I figured out the top speed input, even better. I'm looking forward to using it as a regular part of my commute while the weather is still good.

Maxfind MAX2 Pro Dual
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