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    Hi Min, Sure, the airless wheels are an interesting concept. I´ll add your boards in due course.

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    “If possible it would be helpful to also have a column to separate which boards have a built-in or in deck battery vs external battery.” Hi Dave, thanks for reaching out. I had such a column in the beginning and decided to not list it anymore because I found it too hard to determine, whether or not a battery is easily swappable or not. Furthermore it depends a lot on the definition. Take e.g. a board that has 4 screws to fix the battery, rest is plug & play. To some extent all boards have “external batteries”.

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    Dear George, can you Check to our skateboard? OwnboardW1S, thank you very much

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    Hello George.

    Could you please add OWNBOARD to the list?
    We are mature skateboard manufacturers.

    Thanks you very much

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    https://www.bajaboard.com.au/ should defiantly be on this list crazy expensive, but can do 37+ MPH and go off-road!

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    Bajaboards look awesome indeed, however I am currently not doing all-terrain boards.

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    Hi Gorge,
    YecooBoard is the electric skateboard manufacturer that will be launched in 2018. Can we add our products to it? We can provide product information.

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    Do u have any experience with Exway boards?

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    Hi Emilio, I do not have any personal experience with them. I like however that they sell through local dealers, i.e. minimum legal warranty rules apply and you might get some degree of local service. On the other hand its just another Chinese board company and the price seems to be rather high compared to its specs (e.g. 120 Wh battery). Here is a link on reddit on their customer service: Link

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    thanks for the prompt reply george..

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