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Enertion Raptor 2.0
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Long wait - but worth it (raptor 2.0, silver motor variant)

I waited 8 month for it, but it was worth it

Build like a tank, heavy and solid. But it rides SMOOOOOTH. Loads of torque in these massive hub-motors. Smooth acceleration curve, and solid brakes too.
I'm a heavy rider (95 kg), but I can make 40 km/h no problem.
FOCBOX VESC means access to all the nice telemetry and settings via VESC tools. (opensource ROCKS)
Only minus is the range - I'm not getting the announced range, even at modest speeds. 15 Wh/km ~30 km pr charge. Worse if I go fast.
But overall: 5 stars for that wow ride experience

The Beast


Without question!

This is a true high-performance and bespoke product! You can fully customize the look and feel of the Raptor 2 by changing the deck and configuring your own FOCBOX settings respectively, making your Raptor 2 unique and one of a kind!

The hub motors are huge, immensely powerful and are more than capable of beating almost everything else in its class (consumer-performance) in any showdown you'd like to throw at it - be that acceleration, top speed, hills and often range. There are a couple of boards capable of beating the Raptor 2 in perhaps one​ or two of these categories, but never all of them without drastically exceeding the Raptor 2's weight (by using larger battery packs) and price. This brings us back full circle to one of my opening comments: The Raptor 2 probably has the most well-balanced spec for dollar ratio in the industry.

The Raptor 2 production story hasn't been without its set-backs, but with pre-orders close to being filled, incremental improvements to water ingress protection, the quality of the rear urethane sleeves (outwheels), the introduction of both 97mm and 100mm (Crossover) wheels, handle re-positioning, the introduction of the FOCBOX Unity and possibly more deck options, Enertion looks poised to take the next step with the Raptor 2.1... "In stock and shipping!"

If you need a "little more" from your production esk8, don't want to sacrifice too much of one spec for the sake of another and want to keep to the stomachable price bracket (for a consumer-performance board) of around $1500-$1800 USD, the Raptor 2 is worth some serious consideration!

Read the full review at: https://www.samjadelaide.com/the-enertion-raptor-2-initial-impressions.html

Enertion Raptor 2.0
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