Boosted Dual+ V2

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Boosted Dual+ V2
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This is the best boosted board.

I've ridden through all types of conditions with this board. Very reliable battery, remote, and overall build. Loaded deck is great and goes plenty fast enough for me.
Haven't had to do anything major yet, just belts at 350 miles. I've hit some tall hills too probably 25-27% i am lighter than max weight though 250 lbs. Love love love this board.

Best commuter

I've tried a plethora of different eboards during the years and no other board has a better controllability than Boosted. Every input you do on the remote, you know exactly how the board will react. This predictability is crucial when commuting. As far as reliability, I don't see any other boards other than DIY crossing the thousands of miles mark with so little maintenance required as on Boosted boards.

Boosted Dual+ V2
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