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im more than happy with this board. I did a ton of research and its exactly what everyone else says "amazing" . To have a solid product like the g2t at that price is just unreal. Im beyond happy with this

Can't say enough good things

So...I took my maiden voyage on my G2T this afternoon. It was a short ride as it was slightly brisk outside. I rode it about 3 miles in both Eco and Sport mode. Here is a brief review of my ride. I'll follow up with more as put more time on the road. We just moved to Dallas two months ago and I can't find my GoPro otherwise I'd be posting video. But here you go:

1. This board is sweet - Now mind you the only other board I had (a blitzart) last 3 hrs before it died. So anything above that is going to be a victory for me :) But seriously its an awesome board for the price.
2. The trucks were WAY too loose for me. I felt wobble in eco mode at times. So make sure you check yours before you head out the first time.
3. The braking on this board is Phenomenal. My previous board was terrible but this one has a very smooth transition to stop. No jerking whatsoever. I mean, I'm truly impressed by this.
4. The flex is just right for me. It took me a min to get used to it and learn where I needed to position my feet but overall its really good and lends itself to a very comfortable ride.
5. The Remote is off the charts. It comfortable to grip and use while riding and gives you a ton information like battery status (Both for the board and the remote), distance traveled and speed in Mph or Km's. If you have any board from Backfire, go buy this remote NOW.
6. I ran today on the 96mm wheels and had no issues with bumps which included a very long path of acorns that were covering a local sidewalk. There are a couple of slight inclines (I wouldn't call them hills) and it blasted right up with missing a beat. I was able to hit 11 mph in eco mode. I didn't push it in sport mode as I'm still waiting on my safety gear and didn't want to risk taking a dump on the concrete. I also did not test turbo or cruise mode.

Overall I'm beyond pleased with this board. I'd done what I believe was diligent and thorough research and thus far they have delivered. Stay tuned more to come as I ride in the next couple of days.

so far solid 4/5

Clearly, remember ordering a G2 back in the days to have it delivered with the promise of 24mph but getting nowhere close to 19mph on a flat. Today I just had my G2T out for a small ride with the new 96mm, paid no attention to my speed and rode it full throttle for just shy of 2 min on a flat saw one of those bike speed checkers and it said 54km/h quickly checked my remote (The speedometer on it is pretty on point) and sure enough 53km/h. (I was on turbo when I checked).

The deck is a pretty big "con" on it, its good but we had it now for 3 gens. It used to be one of the best decks, but I'm getting a little bored of it so tempted to swap mine out.

Temps under 20C means you won't get anywhere near the estimated range. At 10C you will get half the estimated range, so it means you will get up to 15 miles at optimal conditions if you get 5.2 miles now.

Backfire Galaxy G2t
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