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Love G2S

The 180 parts and labor warranty is as good as Boosted or Evolve or other named brands , with customer service support in United States, reachable by phone number and quick response via emails.
The price is nearly good as budget board, with currently 10% OFF, which is about $490.

Boosted, but on a budget.

If you're into something original, not just rebranded the G2S may be the board for you.
It sports a one of kind look and design, Caliber trucks, an option for 80 or 96mm wheels, that's not easy to find elsewhere.
In my opinion, its one of the better boards in terms of build quality, and design is just amazing.
The battery is super good, getting a great range and lots of power until the last 10%.

So far no issues on my model, put 200+ miles on it and its still going strong only thing I dislike is the exposed motor part else I would have given it a 10/10 but I hate to see a board being so messed up after few miles but its only cosmetic so that's just me.

A pretty uninspiring board

The Backfire G2s is one of those boards where the idea of it is better than the reality.

It certainly looks good! It's well packaged and well presented. The improvements made to the G2s over its predecessor were necessary and sound improvements to make. Unfortunately, for me, the G2s just didn't improve enough, particularly in relation to the price vs. performance ratio compared to a lot of its competition.

For my mind the G2s occupies the same space in the market the Backfire 2 Galaxy Edition did a year ago, that is for beginners wanting a budget board with a little more polish than a Meepo and are prepared to pay for it. The difference now is that Meepo (and all the Meepo-like boards) have improved a lot, where as the Backfire G2s has only improved a little...

Although a lot of work has gone into the board aesthetically and an exercise in trust-building has been implemented with the use of a Caliber II truck, reliable ESC/remote and decent battery cells, the board is ultimately uncomfortable and a bit of a let-down performance wise.

In my opinion the hype surrounding this board is somewhat unwarranted. The motor vibration issue that has been present since the Backfire 2 Galaxy Edition is still around and Backfire don't seem overly keen to recognize it.

The position of king of this category of boards remains open...

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Good Board

Verry Good Board. Excellent quality of fabrication ! good speed and range !

Backfire Galaxy G2s
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