Hi, My name is George and I love electric skateboards.

Long time ago, I bought my first board. Back then, already a lot of  information could be found on the internet. However, it was hard to get an overview or to keep track on the new boards released. So I decided to collect the most important data in an excel sheet. Later I decided to make this public because it might help others too – and here we are today.

The data you´ll find here is mostly based on manufacturer’s specifications. If nothing is available, I contact the companies directly to figure out.. If user reviews say that a spec is simply unrealistic I might adjust that too. I strongly assume that most of the data is accurate, however, if you find something incorrect please take the time and let me know or even better, join the discussion and share your thoughts 

Any feedback is welcome. Thank you.

Further points worth noting:

  • €/km/kmh/kg values are calculated with fix exchange rates by default.
  • Prices are a snap-shot in time and mean to give you a first overview. I do however adjust them if I see major changes.
  • Some skateboards offer additional features like e.g. weight sensing, choosable decks, bluetooth, lights etc. These were all of minor importance for my search so I did not list them.
  • I try to add boards asap once released but this is just a hobby, bear with me if it takes a little bit of time.